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Variable Rate Spring System (patent pending)

* VRS System works with the main compression spring in each R.E.H Fork leg to maximise fork performance while giving a smooth, positive feel to the rider

* Allows rider to fine-tune suspension, engagement can be set to act earlier or later without comprising initial, supple travel of the forks

* Combines with mainspring by engaging deeper into travel for bigger rocks, drop offs and long descents where front brake is heavily used

* Allows the fork to sit higher in the travel, for more consistent steering and bike balance

* Improves the feel of the bike, increases confidence, reduces physical effort

* Can be fitted to 1 or both fork legs. 2 sets recommended for heavier bikes / more aggressive riders

* Benefits all levels of rider

* Fast and easy to install

* Can only be used with R.E.H Forks with serial numbers. Note: REH-001 to REH-100 need v.2 Upgrade to use VRS System, see Servicing page for details

VRS-Logo PP-2_edited.png

Price: £78 (£65 ex.VAT)


* 3 lengths VRS-30, VRS-31, VRS-32: specify R.E.H Fork leg length when ordering


* VRS System

(1 fork leg):

- capped, counterwound

compression spring

- push rod (3 lengths)

- 3 x small anodised spacers (red) to determine point of engagement,

- 3 x large anodised spacers (grey) for preload

- instruction sheet




BSA Bantam/R.E.H Forks/VRS System x2

“VRS System allows you to run soft fork springs, which is just what we need, but with a transition to a secondary spring when the forks are compressed.

“This is so much better when dropping into streams, turning on steep descents, etc giving you the best of soft springs, without them bottoming, or being too compressed on drops.

“It gives you many of the advantages of a larger fork tube, without breaching twin shock, pre 65 rules.

“VRS System is a brilliant improvement to already great forks.”


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TO ORDER or discuss your build:  Call us : 01751 417371 or Email us:

We ALWAYS carry stock, and build to your order. A proforma invoice will be emailed, for payment by bank transfer or cheque

Forks are despatched within 5 working days of payment, by next-day courier

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