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R.E.H Trials Forks

* 35mm dia. stanchions, shipped fully assembled, with oil

* Sliders forged from 2014A aluminium (immensely strong)

* State of the art seal technology from Ariete
* 3 lengths plus extended top nut option for fine-tuning

* 5 spring options (soft, medium, hard, in combinations)

* Internally adjustable preload

* Unique foam lubricators, reduce stiction, increase seal life

* Unique damper rod allows use of thinner oil for accurate, consistent damping, and longer oil life
* 6.2kg - 6.5kg / assembled pair

* Unique serial number + Fork Passport inc. Service Manual

* Replacement parts available inc. seals, bushes, stanchions


* Eligible for Pre65 Scottish.

R.E.H Forks used on all winning bikes since 2017

£1080  (£900 ex.VAT)

Pictured: R.E.H Trials Fork legs (£1080) with 3D Trials Yokes (£390), mudguard brace assembly (£30), Brace Clamps set 1 (£69.60), 17mm spindle (£60)


Measure from centre of wheel spindle to top of stanchion.

30"/ 762mm (eg. Tiger Cub, Francis Barnett, Motobecane)

30.5" Most Bantams except Drayton


31" / 787mm (eg. all Drayton frames, some Ariels, Matchless, James, DOT)


32" / 812mm (eg. Greeves, some Ariels, some Royal Enfields/Trifields)

Fine tune: half-inch/12.7mm extended top nut for 30" and 31" forks

* Included in price if part of original fork build, £66 / pair (inc VAT) if ordered to extend existing forks

* Neat solution for in-between sizes

* Custom frames: talk to the fabricator for fork length recommendation

* A shorter fork will quicken steering and reduce ground clearance

* A longer fork can be adjusted through the yokes to affect steering and overall length

Spring rate

We can advise spring rate based on:

* machine

* rider weight

* riding style / level (clubman, expert)

* anticipated trials terrain.

We recommend equipping for 'usual' use, spare springs available to fine-tune for other events (eg long rocky streams, big moorland crossings, etc)

Spare spring: £34.80 (£29 +VAT)

We supply forks with Putoline HPX oil

Soft springs: 7.5wt

Medium springs: 10wt

Hard springs: 15wt

This can be altered according to rider + machine weight/requirements

VRS System

Variable Rate Spring System

(patent pending):

the ultimate tuning system

for your R.E.H Fork suspension.

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TO ORDER or discuss your build:  Call us : 01751 417371 or Email us:

We ALWAYS carry stock, and build to your order. A proforma invoice will be emailed, for payment by bank transfer or cheque

Forks are despatched within 5 working days of payment, by next-day courier

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