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Servicing   £120  (inc VAT)

Recommended service intervals

R.E.H Trials Forks: 18 months / 150 hours use

R.E.H Moto-X Forks: 12 months / 80 hours use

* Strip, inspect, rebuild

(parts included worth £60)

* New oil

* New dust and oil seals

* New foam lubricators


* Inspect bushes and wear rings. If they need replacing (bushes £38.40/set, wear rings £15/set) we will do this during the service. Please advise in advance if you need to be contacted prior to potential replacement

Fork Legs ONLY should be returned for servicing, in a clean state. They can be polished on request - note we can polish out small scratches, not deep gouges. Fork Leg Guards are designed to protect sliders against damage (see Options)

Cleaning charge: £24

Surface polishing: £54

Servicing and Upgrades are ONLY available for R.E.H forks with serial numbers. We cannot service other makes of fork, or original R.E.H Forks

Upgrades   £54 (inc VAT)

Forks with serial numbers 001 - 100: Upgrade damper rod to latest specification, available in

conjunction with Service only

Upgrades (serial numbers 101) explained:

* Foam Lubricators: pressure washing, dust, dirt, water and mud can infiltrate and damage the dust seals, and compromise the smooth fork action.

R.E.H Forks have a unique foam ring soaked in special lubricant between dust and oil seals to stop internal lips drying out. They act like a cross between an automatic lubricator and an air filter. The main effects are to reduce stiction and increase seal life.

* Damper Rod: Our v.2 Damper Rod upgrade improves damping action. It also

- allows the use of thinner oil which moves freely through the damping holes to give more accurate and consistent damping

- reduces emulsification of oil, giving longer oil life.

Replacement Stanchions 

Damaged stanchions can be replaced.

Honed Stanchion (bare): £132   (£110 +VAT)

You will also need new dust + oil seals, plus re-use all other components from the damaged stanchion.

Part-Assembled Stanchion: £168   (£140 +VAT)

Includes new dust + oil seals (worth £15) and part numbers (see General Assembly in your Fork Passport/Manual).

You will need to re-assemble the fork leg with damper rod, spring, oil etc.

COMBINATION: We have specialist tools and jigs to avoid damaging components. Combine with Service for reduced Part-Assembled price for 1 replacement stanchion.

Total £230 + VAT = £276 inc VAT for Service 2x fork legs and 1x stanchion Part-Assembly replacement.

Your R.E.H Forks are returned ready to ride, with no self-assembly or oil required.

TO ORDER or discuss your build:  Call us : 01751 417371 or Email us:

We ALWAYS carry stock, and build to your order. A proforma invoice will be emailed, for payment by bank transfer or cheque

Forks are despatched within 5 working days of payment, by next-day courier

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