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R.E.H Moto-X Forks

35mm dia stanchions shipped fully assembled, with oil

pre60-pre68: 6.5" travel / 32" overall

pre74: 7.5" travel / 33" overall

Sliders forged from 2014A aluminium (immensely strong)

Unique foam lubricators, reduce stiction and increase seal life


Unique damper rod allows use of thinner oil for accurate, consistent damping, and longer oil life

Unique serial number + Fork Passport inc. Service Manual

​£1290    (£1075 ex.VAT)

Spring rate

Choose spring rate + oil combination to suit rider + bike weight and riding style.

Optional Booster spring adds 0.55N/mm per leg (see MX Options)

* MX spring: 4.4N/mm per leg

* Booster spring: 0.55N/mm (can be supplied built-in or stand-alone)


Springs can be used in combination for max. 4.95 N/mm per leg

Standard build 2 x MX Springs with Putoline 15wt oil, heavier units 2 x MX Springs + 2 x Booster Springs with Putoline 20wt oil


Classic MX machines equipped with R.E.H Forks include

* Cheney BSA

* Cheney Triumph

* CZ 250 / 360 / 380

* Triumph Metisse

* JAP Metisse

* BSA B50


* Greeves Griffon

* 630 Jawa Wasp (Red Marley)

* Faber


TO ORDER or discuss your build:  Call us : 01751 417371 or Email us:

We ALWAYS carry stock, and build to your order. A proforma invoice will be emailed, for payment by bank transfer or cheque

Forks are despatched within 5 working days of payment, by next-day courier

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