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MXforks-1 copy.jpg

Ride hard, ride R.E.H

Assembled fork legs with oil

£1075 = £1290 inc VAT

* 35mm diameter stanchions

* state of the art Ariete seals

* 2 travel options (pre65-pre68 / pre74)

* multiple spring options

* push-through spindle

* internally adjustable pre-load

* wide range of accessories

* unique internal lubrication

* replacement parts including stanchions always available

MXyokes+forksFB copy.jpg
MXYoke-2 copy.jpg

Stiff, strong, aircraft grade billet yokes

£450 = £540 inc VAT

* max yoke depth for max surface in stanchion clamping zone

* parallel, 55mm offset, fits virtually all classic MX frames

* 25mm steel spindle, imperial bearing spacers also available

* double pinch bolts for max rigidity

* includes handlebar clamps + full bolt set

Spring-2 copy.jpg

Finishing touches

from £20 = £24 inc VAT

* steel spindles, 15mm or 17mm, with spacers

* hinged brake anchor bracket

* brake anchor arm

* brace clamps

* Booster springs

* gaiters

* leg guards

* mudguard brace low mount

* spares: dust, oil seals etc

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