We use an aircraft-grade aluminium to make the strongest, stiffest yokes on the pre-65 market. Most (if not all) yokes are made from 6082; R.E.H Yokes use 2014A, aircraft grade billet also used in R.E.H sliders. This has a higher ultimate tensile strength and yield.

They mirror the original R.E.H Yokes in profile, retaining classic Pre-65 appearance, with the best in modern materials.


R.E.H Yokes are designed to work with R.E.H Forks.

They will fit ALL classic trials bikes with 35mm stanchions.

For TIGER CUBS: please scroll down to REH TIGER CUB YOKES


R.E.H Yokes special features:

- Depth on top and bottom yokes is greater than pre-65 slab-type yokes, to give a much larger surface area in the stanchion clamping zone


- Parallel with 40mm offset, fits virtually all pre-65 frames


- Spindle takes a 25mm diameter bearing 


- Spindle is provided over-length to suit any frame, easily removable. Available in 2 lengths: please specify when ordering

Standard (steering head length up to 160mm),

Long (length 160mm or longer)


- Handlebar clamps: options to fit standard (7/8th inch / 22.2mm) or fat (1-1/8th inch / 28.6mm) diameter bars (please specify when ordering)


- Polished aluminium finish



- Centre to centre of the stanchions: 165mm

- Centre line of stanchions to centre of steering head spindle: 40mm. - Stanchions are parallel to the spindle, which is 24mm. dia.


R.E.H Yokes are supplied with:

- handlebar clamps

- Belleville washer

- dedicated spindle and cap (new design 2020)

- full set of clamping bolts


* REH Yokes are eligible for the Pre-65 Scottish 2-Day Trial


PRICE: £360 includes yokes, clamps, spindle, cap, bolts

R.E.H YOKES: stiffer, stronger

REH Tiger Cub Yokes are billet machined from 6082 aluminium.

Spindle and nut are made from 2014A aluminium and are supplied fitted to the bottom yoke


-Dimensions identical to original Tiger Cub geometery, 1.5 degree offset


- 35mm, triple clamp

- to suit headstock length 145mm

- Full set of stainless steel clamping bolts

- Handlebar clamps for standard 7/8th diameter or fat 1-1/8th dia bars

- Choice of spindle diameter: 3/4 inch to take taper roller bearings as on Armac Design Cubs, or imperial for standard Tiger Cub bearings (please specify when ordering)



Tel: 01751 417371  

or 07876 433582



Forks + any Options: £15 (UPS next day)


Large Options: £12 (UPS next day): eg Mudguards, Springs, Yokes


Small Options as single items: £5 first class recorded, £8 special delivery post (weight less than 2kg, in a compact package),

 eg Spindle, Mudguard Brace Assembly, Brace Clamps, Spanner, Brake Anchor Plate, spare seals/bushes etc

* Please contact us to check that your order fits the Small Options sizings

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REH TIGER CUB YOKES, 1.5 degree offset

yokes + brace-web

PRICE: £294

includes yokes, clamps (standard or fat bars), spindle, cap, bolts

  • Set of x4 bar clamps: £38.40

  • With set of bolts: £41.40

  • To suit standard bars (7/8ths" /

22.2mm) or fat bars (1-1/8th" / 28.6mm).

  • Polished aluminium finish

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