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Wheel spindles: £66

15mm or 17mm diameter, with threaded nut. EN16T steel. INCLUDES: Universal spacer kit

(3-15mm) to fit virtually all hub widths (supplied with plain steel finish; picture shows prototype)

R.E.H Moto-X Options

Besides the Options listed, we offer a full spares back-up of quality seals, wipers, bushes, springs etc


Spanner: £12

From Armac Design, anodised grey, lightweight, waterjet-cut from T6 6082 aluminium.Fits any 24mm nut - including Armac Design rear wheel spindle nut + any 13mm nut - including security bolt nut + Armac Design yoke spindle nut

Mudguard brace assembly: £27

Laser-cut in aluminium and hydraulic-pressed in a custom tool. Adds to rigidity of the fork. Designed to work with Brace Clamps.  


Standard: fits forks with stanchions 160-165mm centre to centre (+/-2mm).

Wide: fits forks with stanchions 165-170mm (+/-2mm) centre to centre.

Brace clamps:

CLAMP A: with front brake cable anchor 

CLAMP B: without front brake cable anchor

Designed to work with Mudguard Brace Assembly. Pinchbolts included.

Set 1: £66 (1 of each)

Set 2: £60 (2 x Clamp B)

Makes front brake cable as short as possible (long cables suffer more compression in outer spiral housing, causing sponginess in brake action). Brackets clamp around seal housing to enable adjustment of mudguard/tyre clearance. Inside diameter: 56mm




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Call us on: 01751 417371 

or 07876 433582

mdg-mt-bkt spindle

Spare springs:

Tailor fork action to sections.

Available in:


Strong: £27

Length: 430mm

OD: max 28mm

ID: 19mm


X-Strong: £27

Length: 457mm

OD: max 28mm

ID: 19mm

REH SPARES for wearing parts

Seal Set: £30 (2 x oil seals, 2 x dust seals)

Bushes Set: £33 (2 x internal, 2 x external bushes)

Wear Rings Set: £15 (2 x PTFE wear rings)

Spring-2 clamps

Putoline Suspension Oil £12

HPX Special Racing Suspension Fluid from Putoline, 7.5W or 10W, in 1 litre bottles. We supply 7.5W or 10W with new forks, this should be changed after your first 2-3 events. 1 litre will do 2 complete changes (220cc of oil per leg, per change). Adjust the damping, by changing the oil weight; details on our Service Sheet




Forks + any Options: £21 (UPS next day)

Large Options: £15 (UPS next day): eg Springs, Yokes

 Small Options as single items: £6 first class recorded (weight less than 2kg, in a compact package),

 eg Spindle, Mudguard Brace Assembly, Brace Clamps, Spanner, Brake Anchor Bracket, spare seals/bushes etc

* Please contact us to check that your order fits the Small Options sizings

Hinged brake anchor bracket: £54

NEW: A hinged, three-part component in machined aircraft grade 7075 aluminium. This clamps to the slider to enable a brake anchor arm or strap to be bolted between it and the brake plate. Supplied with Loctite (5ml). 

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