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Assembled REH Moto-X Fork Legs V.2 include:


* 35mm diameter stanchions


* 2 travel options: 6.5" for pre-68 or 7.5" pre-74


* 2 spring rates: strong, x-strong


* 33" Measured from the centre of the wheel spindle to the top of the stanchion.


* Sliders machined from 2014A billet aluminium (a very hard, strong grade), to replicate the original REH castings


* Optional extra: extended top nut to add 1/2" /12.5mm to length for fine-tuning


* Internally adjustable pre-load


* One slider has a brake anchor lug compatible with Tiger Cub replica hubs.


* REH Forks are designed for use with a push-through spindle.


PRICE: £1155 for assembled fork legs

Available from May 2018



REH MOTO-X YOKES: click here


Left: REH MX Forks with REH MX Yokes + spindle





Below: REH MX Forks on Cheney BSA 1971

Forks V.2 internals

Foam Lubricators:

Pressure washing and the trials environment – dust, dirt, water, mud – can infiltrate and damage the dust seals. This can cause ontamination between dust and oil seals, and compromise the smooth action of the fork.

Forks V.2 incorporate foam rings soaked in special lubricant to work in between the dust and oil seals, to stop the internal seal lips drying out. These foam lubricators act like a cross between an automatic lubricator and an air filter.

The main effects are

- reduce stiction

- increase seal life

- improved high-speed damping


Damper Rod v.2:

Our damper rod notably improves damping action.

- Allows the use of thinner oil so it can move through the damping holes more freely. This gives more accurate and more consistent damping

- Reduces emulsification of oil, giving longer oil life




- Steel wheel spindles (EN16T) 15mm or 17mm including universal hub spacer kit

- Mudguard brace assembly (2 sizes) for LOW mounting

- Brace clamps (2 options)

- Fork leg guards

- Hinged brake anchor bracket

- Spare springs

- Replacement seals

- 3-in-1 spanner

Chell forks MXforks-1