NOW: REH Forks have been relaunched by Duncan Macdonald from his workshop in North Yorkshire. Duncan is well-known in the Pre-65 Classic Trials world through his company Armac Design, specialists in Triumph Tiger Cub trials frames and components.

For more than a decade, Armac Design has offered small batches of unique, original, hand-made frame parts. Since development work started in 1999, every Armac Design product has been designed, developed and tested by Duncan and his test team.

Every product exists for a specific reason, and every product works to benefit you and your bike. The aim is to increase performance, which ultimately means more enjoyment and a better ride.

The same principles have been applied to REH forks. The intention is to build the best fork available for classic competition, backed up by friendly, efficient customer service.

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Duncan Macdonald

Tel: 01751 417371



Company number: 8845990

VAT number: 294859144

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THEN: Robin Humphreys started his motorcycle career at the age of 12,

on a 1922 Levis. By the age of 17 he was scrambling a 500HS Ariel and

over time drifted slowly from riding, to mechanical side of motorcycling.

He served an apprenticeship as a tool maker, then set up a engineering workshop in his

father’s commercial garage. He worked on tyres and exhausts for a while, then hit on the idea of making forks.

So, R.E.H. was born in the early 1960s. The main customer in the early days was Sprite Motorcycles, with up to 100 pairs a week going out the door. In these early days sliders were sand-cast from a wooden pattern, but later cast iron patterns were made so the sliders could be die-cast.

The next step was hubs, then yokes; and R.E.H was even used as  a brand name on a complete motorbike.

Robin Humphreys' passion was - and remains - making things, and his focus was good engineering practise. In this sense, he has plenty of common with Duncan Macdonald, who has picked up the R.E.H. baton to keep Humphries’ vision in today’s classic trials.




Judy Macdonald (Armac Tiger Cub) at the Reliance, NBBC champs (pic: John Hulme/Yoomee). Duncan Macdonald (500 Ariel), Blue Bar Pre-65 Trophy Trial



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