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R.E.H Forks are classic competition motorcycle forks for pre-65 trials and pre-68 + pre-74 moto-x.

They were created in Britain in the 1960s by engineer Robin Humphreys, and were revived in 2014 by

Duncan Macdonald, of Armac Design.

Today's R.E.H. Forks are true to the form, and ethos, of Robin Humphreys’ original design. At the same time, they are made to modern engineering standards, to meet the challenges of today’s competition. 

R.E.H Forks can be seen in action in Britain, France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and are ridden and recommended by top pre-65 trials riders including Dave Thorpe, Mick Grant and Michel Ranc (France),

and multi-British pre-74 moto-x champion Chris Chell.

Trials Forks V.2 in 3 lengths: 30", 31", 32" . Moto-X Forks: 32" + 33"


REH FORKS is proud to be an official Friend of the Scottish Pre-65 Classic 2-Day Trial 2018.

REH Forks and REH Yokes are eligible for use in the trial.




Made with pride in England

REH FORKS on the podium, 2018 Pre-65 Scottish 2-day trial.

Winner: Gary Macdonald, Triumph Twin/REH Forks, 0 marks lost. 2nd: Dan Clarke, Armac Cub/REH Forks, 0 marks lost.

3rd: Dan Thorpe, Armac Cub/REH Forks, 0 marks lost.

An incredible result, determined by largest capacity bike,

then rider age (Dan Clark is 3 weeks older than Dan Thorpe).

You can't get closer than that.

Congratulations men, we are proud to be associated with you.

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